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New Method

Go to the ClinicalKey Updates page

Follow the link labelled Click here for the latest monthly Monthly Durable URLs

Scroll down to the Durable URLs section

Download the required Australian spreadsheet, one of these four 

  • Download ClinicalKey Australia Book URLs
  • Download ClinicalKey Australia Book Chapter URLs
  • Download ClinicalKey Australia Journal URLs
  • Download ClinicalKey Australia Clinical Overviews

Find the item row in the spreadsheet

Copy the value in the title_url column value

Paste it after:

To create a permanent link that will work on and off campus


Old Method

This method worked until April 2018 (when it stopped working consistently for newly added content to Clinical Key, links to older items created using this method continued to work after this point).

  1. Locate the item (by navigating issues or book chapters)
  2. When you are viewing the item click on the email icon
  3. Right click on the orange hyperlink next to the chain icon
  4. Select 'Copy Link Location
  5. Paste the URL somewhere you can edit it
  6. Copy everything after the last forward slash, i.e. for!/content/book/3-s2.0-B9780729542555000103
    you should copy only the red characters
  7. Append that string to the end of this string:
  8. The resulting string will display work on and off campus for JCU users and will look something like:

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