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Step by step instructions & video 

To get started, open your preferred internet browser on your desktop or laptop computer.

Does your browser have the bookmarks bar showing? If not, you will find instructions for making this toolbar visible in three major browsers in the video above (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)

Go to the Readings login page at You may find it helpful to bookmark this page in your browser, if you haven’t already.

Click the login button. You may be asked for your JCU UserID and password.  Select My Bookmarks from the navigation bar at the top.

Click the button labelled Install Bookmark Button.

Click Next.

Look for the button labelled Add to My Bookmarks in the pop-up window. Drag and drop this button from its window up to your own browser bookmarks bar (This is the step that varies slightly between browsers, so watch the video if you have any questions.

Once you’ve done that, click Next and Close.

This information comes from the Readings LibGuide.


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