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There are two main types of styles - author-based styles (like APA, MLA and Harvard) and number-based styles (like AMA and Vancouver).

If you are using a style in which the author's name goes in the text (like APA), then you put the reference list in alphabetical order.

If you are using numbered style (like AMA), then your references will be listed in the order in which they appear in text.

Other styles (like Chicago A and AGLC) use footnotes, and may or may not have a reference list depending on the style. See the guides for more information.

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  1. How do you do APA reference lists in alphabetical order when there are multiple authors? For example would a book with the authors Arron James and Zac go before a book with the authors Ben Cameron and Dean?
    by Alex on 20 Apr, 2017.
  2. Hi, Alex.

    In APA your reference list always goes in alphabetical order occording to the first piece of information that's different. If you have multiple authors, then look at the first author for each work you are citing. If you have one work where the first author's name is Kirk Alyn, and another work where the first author's name is Bud Collyer, then put them in alphabetical order by surname:

    Alyn, K., Reeve, C. & Cain, D.
    Collyer, B., Routh, B., & Cavill, H.

    If both works had the same first author (say, George Reeves), then you would put them in order by the second author:

    Reeves, G., & Alyn, K.
    Reeves, G., & Collyer, B.

    If they have the same first and second author, then you'd go by the third author... and so on.

    If all of the authors are the same, then look at the year (oldes to newest), and if it's the same year, order it by the title.

    Hope this helps.
    by Sharon Bryan on 21 Apr, 2017.

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