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Short Answer

Send us the details of the item you were trying to access  and we will sort it out.

Technical Answer

We have to create configuration stanza every subscription resource that uses EZproxy to enable remote access. These stanzas typically contain the domain of the target resource and a starting point URL in that resource. For most publishers one domain covers all their journals. However some publishers (particularly those working with professional societies' journals may allow a number (literally hundreds) of domains within one 'dataset' of ejournals. These are added and changed all the time. We try to keep on top of these but occasionally one will slip through the cracks.

Send us the details and we'll fix it.


There is also a chance that the resource you are trying to access is not a subscription resource - but has been linked to from a subscription resource and is using EZproxy when it doesn't need to.

In this case simply deleting from the web address will make the link work.






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