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You can always get our help by clicking on the message  Article Not Showing? Need Help? in the Find It Helper Frame.

But if you want to troubleshoot yourself this is a list of the most common issues we come across and how to resolve them.

The article citation and/or abstract is displaying but I can't see the full text

Look closely at the screen scanning for a link called 'PDF' or 'HTML' or 'See Article' or 'Full Text' and click on that. Often Find It takes you to an information page that contains a link to the full text.

The home page for the journal is displaying instead of the article

Some journals don't allow for direct linking to an article so you have to browse from the journals home page to your article. Look for a link to 'Past Issues' or 'Archive'. Use the volume, issue, year and page numbering in Find It's Citation Information to track down your issue and article.

There is an error message displaying

Sometimes publisher sites have technical problems, these are usually resolved within a few hours but rather than waiting it's worth checking to see if we have access via another publisher by clicking on the 'Alternative Sources' dropdown menu.

The publisher site wants me to pay to see an article

You should never be asked to pay for an article in a journal JCU Library has subscribed to. Try the 'Alternative Sources' dropdown menu and please use the Article Not Showing? Need Help? link to report this to us so we can resolve it with the publisher and get you what you need.

Anatomy of the Find It @ JCU Library Helper Frame

Anatomy of the Find It @ JCU Library Helper Frame


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