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Some publishers allow authors to include the final published version of an article within the author's thesis. This means that, regardless of the copyright status of the article, you retain the right to include your published articles in your thesis and that James Cook University (as your awarding institution) can upload your thesis to the open access repository, ResearchOnline@JCU.

This is a list of known publishers' policies and statements, correct in 2023. Library staff will add publishers and policies as we come across them. Information from publishers is subject to change and you should always check that the policies are still in use and that you adhere to any specified permission conditions.

Please email if you have any questions.



 Publisher Policies


Published Journal Article

Copyright Permissions FAQs

Key statements:

Theses and dissertations which contain embedded Published Journal Articles as part of the formal submission may be hosted publicly by the awarding institution with a link to the formal publication through the relevant DOI.


Can I include/use my article in my thesis/dissertation?

Yes. Authors can include their articles in full or in part in a thesis or dissertation for non-commercial purposes.



Sharing and Permissions

Key statement:

Details about reusing your own material form part of your ‘Licence to Publish’ agreement, signed when you submitted your paper for publication.

In general, unless alternate conditions apply, you do not need permission from CSIRO Publishing to reuse your own material in further work.  The material must always be clearly attributed. As well as retaining moral rights you are permitted to: [...]

  • Include the work in part or in full in a thesis provided it is not published for commercial gain


Author Reuse and Self-archiving

Key statements:

OUP is pleased to grant permission for the following uses: [...]

  • inclusion within your thesis or dissertation.

Permission for [reuse] is granted on the following conditions:

  • the material you wish to reuse is your own work and has already been published by OUP
  • the intended reuse is for scholarly (non-commercial) purposes, for publication by a not-for-profit publisher
  • full acknowledgement is made of the original publication stating the specific material reused [pages, figure numbers, etc.], [Title] by/edited by [Author/editor], [year of publication], reproduced by permission of Oxford University Press [link to OUP catalogue if available, or OUP website] request formal permission when you are reusing a passage from your previously OUP-published work via (see 'How to request permission through PLS Clear'). Permission is typically granted without charge. You will need to do this even if you retain the copyright in your contract, as your contract grants OUP the exclusive rights to publish your work include the following credit when you are use less than 10% of your previous OUP-published work in a new publication: "This material was originally published in [Title] by / edited by [Author / Editor] and has been reproduced by permission of Oxford University Press [link to book within an OUP online product and/or]. For permission to reuse this material, please visit"
  • let your OUP editor know if you plan to use a portion of your OUP publication in your thesis or dissertation
  • you have obtained permission from your co-authors for reuse/republication of your joint-authored work
  • any reuse on personal websites and institutional or subject based repositories includes a link to the published work online (e.g. on Oxford Academic) and/or or to the OUP online catalogue entry
  • the material is not distributed under any kind of Open Access licence (e.g., Creative Commons) that would counter the terms of your licence with OUP



Sage's Author Archiving and Re-Use Guidelines

Key statements:

You may use the Final Published PDF (or Original Submission or Accepted Manuscript, if preferred) in the following ways: […]

  • in your dissertation or thesis, including where the dissertation or thesis will be posted in any electronic Institutional Repository or database



Author Reuse

Key statement:

Authors have the right to reuse their article’s Version of Record, in whole or in part, in their own thesis. Additionally, they may reproduce and make available their thesis, including Springer Nature content, as required by their awarding academic institution. Authors must properly cite the published article in their thesis according to current citation standards. Material from: 'AUTHOR, TITLE, JOURNAL TITLE, published [YEAR], [publisher - as it appears on our copyright page]’ 



Note that permissions should still be discussed and negotiated when signing author or publishing agreements.

Taylor & Francis has previously included specific wording around reuse of articles in theses, but this wording is no longer available online.

Wiley is not on this list as they do not allow the final published versions of copyright articles to be included in an open access thesis.