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The Internet provides access to an enormous amount of content (music, video, news, images, etc), but this does not mean it is free to copy, adapt and share. Most of this content will be subject to copyright protections, and you will need express or implied permission if you want to use online content.

Express permission could be:

  • A statement on a website that specifies how you can use it's content
  • Creative Commons or similar licensed content
  • Receiving permission directly from the copyright owner

Features of implied permission:

  • Online content that has "print", "embed" or "share" (social media, email, link buttons) functionality.
    • Please note that this pertains only to what they have allowed you to do. For example, if Instagram allows you to embed a post, that does not give you permission to take a screenshot of an image and share it.
  • Does not imply that the content can be adapted or used for commercial purposes.