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The Library Guide that appears in LearnJCU from the Your Library Tool is automatically selected from a list matching your subject site to an appropriate FOE code provided by the LearnJCU team. If you would like a different Guide to appear in the Your Library Tool, we can change the list so that your site matches a different Guide or FOE.

N.B. We need to wait until a few weeks before semester to update the list with the latest merged subject sites. If you have a merged site, check the week before O-Week to see if the Your Library Tool has been updated to the correct Guide.

If you wish to change the Guide your site is linking to, please follow the steps below.

If you know what Guide you would like to use, send the Library an email including the following details:

  1. The full name of your LearnJCU site (e.g.: 23-EG5200_LB5200_MA5890_SC5200-CNS_TSV-ISV_EXT_MIX-SP1_SP82)
  2. The name of the Guide you wish to use (e.g. Commerce or BA1001)
  3. The contact details for the person who would like to be notified when the change has been made

If you do not have a specific Guide in mind, but you do not think the current Library Guide is appropriate for your students, contact your liaison librarian to discuss the needs of your students.