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One Search doesn't search databases per se. It harvests full text metadata, mostly from publisher sites (including book and journal publishers as well as institutional repositories and other sites that various libraries are importing or ingesting to build the underlying shared 'CDI' index). It then performs an arcane deduplication and metadata merge process.

It does include citation databases - but depending on the licensing agreement between the database owner and the One Search vendor you may not see those citations unless you've logged in (and we've subscribed).  In addition we only show (by default) what is available in our electronic and print collections. If you want to see all citations you should turn on the 'Add results beyond the library's collection' which has the benefit of giving you the option to 'Request This Item' if it isn't held by us but is held by another library in our resource sharing network (free of charge to you).

That's the simple 'most of the time' explanation - there are a number of other reasons why some content may not display (conference posters are a whole saga on their own) - but if you have a concern about any particular item or group of items or collection we can investigate and contact the vendor's content team for an explanation and/or fix if necessary.