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Bing Chat is a search engine that uses the GPT-4 model to facilitate searching. Like Google and any other search engine (and, indeed, any other AI chatbot), it is not a primary source of information.

When Bing provides information, it provides links to the source of that information. If you are using the information Bing has provided, you should follow those links back to their source, and cite those pages rather than Bing.

You would only need to reference Bing if you were actually discussing the use of Bing in your assignment - and even then, many citation styles allow you to mention software in text without including an entry in your reference list. If, however, you felt that the wording Bing used was important, and you wanted to cite Bing directly or use an exact quote from Bing, you should cite it using the following details:

Author: Microsoft and OpenAI
Year: The date you used the product (e.g. 2023)
Title: Bing Chat (this is the name of the product, so treat it as a name and do not convert to sentence case if the style usually requires it)
Version number: a version number is not available at this time, so skip this piece of information
Type: GPT-4 language model
Publisher: Microsoft
Accessed Date: the date you accessed the program


Here is an example using APA:

Microsoft & OpenAI. (2023). Bing Chat [GPT-4 language model].


And an example using AMA:

1. Bing Chat. Microsoft; 2023. Accessed April 18, 2023.