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It seems to be a problem with the desktop version of Word M365 talking to the desktop version of EndNote 20. We're following up with the EndNote people, but here's a work around:

Sync your library and use EndNote Online

The plug-in in Word M365 works just fine for EndNote Online, so make sure EndNote Online is set up and your library is regularly synced (

In Word, change the application (in the Word ribbon, Tools>Preferences>Application) (

We still recommend using the desktop version for your research, and then syncing to EndNote Online, because the Desktop version is a much, much better tool. So, you would do your research, put the records into EndNote 20 (desktop version), then sync with EndNote Online and use EndNote Online with Word.

The easiest thing to do is work directly with EndNote Online for all of your Word documents (, and ignore the Desktop version entirely for your Word documents until this problem has been fixed.

Now for the tricky bit:

When using EndNote Online, you probably don't have APA 7th available as a style (or the latest version of AMA). We're talking to the EndNote people about that, too.

BUT, all of the citations in your Word document, when using EndNote Online, are in your Travelling Library. You can flick back to EndNote in your applications, change the style to APA 7th and update your citations and bibliography, and as long as Word isn't trying to talk to your desktop version, it will bump everything up to APA 7th. (N.B.: because EndNote Online won't let you work with a style it doesn't have, this is better left until the very end, when you won't want to add any more citations. If you do want to add more citations, flick back to APA 6th to work with EndNote Online again).

Using the Travelling Library to update your citations to a newer style is most likely to work if you are not on your own computer with your EndNote library - come onto campus, if you can, and use one of the computer labs (or use another computer that has EndNote installed, but doesn't have your library). On your own computer, it will keep trying to talk to your desktop library. If it tries to talk to your desktop library and it works, that means the problem might fixed and you can just use EndNote normally from now on.

If this doesn't work, because it keeps trying to map to your desktop version of EndNote (but still refuses to talk to it), switch your document back to EndNote Online. Then convert the document to unformatted citations, save a copy of the document as an .rtf file and follow the instructions for formatting a paper with EndNote: