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Some works and some uses of works do not require permission from a copyright holder. Proceed with caution, as there may be strict conditions on what you can and can't do without asking for permission.

You do not need to seek permission if you are not using a “substantial part” (important, distinctive, essential or large amount) of the work.

Creative Commons and similar licenses

If the work has a pre-approved license applied to it (such as a Creative Commons license or the licenses available through "royalty free" sites), then you can use the material without seeking permission provided your use does not contravene conditions of use. Attribution is usually a requirement. If you wish to use the material for something not covered by the license, then you will need to request permission.

Out of copyright and public domain materials

Works that have fallen out of copyright (copyright has expired) or works that have been given to the public domain can be used in any way, without seeking permission.


Copyright exemptions may allow you to use in copyright materials without permission. Find out about exemption categories, including fair dealing.