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For teaching your students, you may copy:

  • One chapter of a book, or 10% of the pages (10% of the words if the work is in electronic form)
  • One article from a journal or newspaper (more if the articles are on the same subject matter in a special edition)
  • 15 pages from an anthology (for example: a collection of plays or short stories)
  • All of an artistic work, for example: a diagram or photo from a book chapter (when not available for separate purchase)
  • 10% of a music score or play script

You may:

  • Make multiple photocopies
  • Create a course pack
  • Have the material available online through the Readings platform (this is preferred)

You must:

  • Always make sure the material is properly acknowledged (the author's name and the name of the source at the very least, preferably a full citation)
  • Always ensure the copyright warning noticed is attached to anything being made available online (e.g. at the front of a PDF for a journal article, or at the start of your lecture slides if they contain 3rd party material)


NB:  The use allowable to teachers for educational purposes hinges greatly on what is "reasonable". If you cannot purchase a legal copy of the work you wish to use at a reasonable price within a reasonable timeframe, then you may be allowed to copy more than you would normally be allowed to - but only a reasonable amount. Take very good notes of the steps you took to establish that the work could not be "reasonably" obtained any other way. Do not take any more than you need and make a note of why that amount is "reasonable". And always consult with your liaison librarian.