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Both SciVal and Scopus have the ability to provide you with customisation options that provide quick access to information that meets your needs.

You can access this functionality using JCU's SSO login - however this will not work in conjunction with JCU Library's EZproxy service (aka as listed on our A-Z of databases (and in Library Guides).

Instead go to the unproxied URL for each services:

  1. Click on the Sign in button on the top right of the home page:SciVal/Scopus Sign in button
  2. Click the Sign in via your institution button: 
    Sign in via your institution button
  3. Type in James and select the James Cook University option listed: 
    Entered text james which displays a pick list
  4. Click the Access through James Cook University button:
     Access through James Cook University button
  5. This will initiate authentication through JCU's SSO:
     JCU SSO login screen


After a successful login you have access to all available personalisations through the button with your initials located top right.