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University staff and students must abide by copyright laws. They must minimise the risk of infringement by:

  • Ensuring that any copying made under Fair Dealing for the purposes of research, study, criticism, review, parody or satire is fair and is limited to the amounts indicated in the Act
  • Resepecting the moral rights of the author/creators and giving appropriate attribution of their source, if known (contact the Library for assistance if necessary)
  • Not using University equipment or systems to make, store or distribute copies that infringe copyright or increase the risk of copyright infringement
  • Not storing third party copyrighted content on external (that is, not supplied/supported by JCU) platforms, such as social media, without ensuring they have permission to do so.
  • Using the systems and platforms supplied by the University appropriately, to ensure our licenses cover the use of third party material (e.g., Readings, Panopto).


Adapted, with permission, from material supplied by Charles Darwin University