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Kanopy requires users login to JCU's identity access management system. However the login option for this is only consistently displayed on Kanopy's 'institutional' home page A direct link to a video's entry page may not display a link to the institutional login required for access. Often users following these links will see a Error 403 forbidden and are likely to be confused by the login options that are presented (none of which are the required institutional login).


  1. Go to
  2. Log in (if you are off campus)
  3. Find your video
  4. Click on Share
    If the Share link URL does not work off campus:
  5. Click on Embed:
  6. Copy the src value (not the quotation marks):
  7. Use this as the link

The embed version of the video has a built-in institutional login that the 'share' link does not.


  • Because you are linking directly to the video the viewer cannot see the associated metadata (viewing time, dates, direct, summary etc)
  • This method is only required if the Share link gives a 403 error off campus.