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It depends on what the video is and where it "lives".

If it is a YouTube video, you go to the YouTube page for the video and cite it as per normal for your citation style.

This is the same for any video that "lives" outside of LearnJCU but is linked or embedded from your class materials: follow it home, and then cite it according to the online video instructions for your style.

If it is only available inside LearnJCU, however (say, for example, it was filmed by a JCU staff or student and has been uploaded to Mediasite), then you need to find the following details:

Author: the creator of the video

Date: if possible (it may need to be n.d. if you cannot find a clear date)

Title: if there is a title on the recording or provided by your lecturer, use that - otherwise, treat it as lecture notes and describe it.

e.g.: CU1001: Communication fundamentals; Week 1 introductory video

Location: Use the URL for the homepage of LearnJCU.

Then follow the rules for your style to create a reference using the pattern for online videos.

For an example using APA:

Bloggs, J. (2020). CU1001: Communication fundamentals; Week 1 introductory video [video recording].

If it is a video that was created by someone outside of JCU, but you cannot follow it "home", ask your lecturer how they want you to cite it, as they should be providing full and correct citation details on LearnJCU in order to use the video.