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Your Readings list should automatically link to your LearnJCU subject site. Check the Full Reading list option in the Readings Resources folder, that is part of the LearnJCU template.

If you want to link to individual sections of your Readings list you can do this following these instructions.

Adding reading list sections to LearnJCU

If your list is still not visible try these troubleshooting options:

1. Is your list Published? - Publishing a list.

2. Do the time period (e.g. 20-A) and subject code (e.g. AN1001) on the Readings list match the code in LearnJCU? e.g. 20_A_AN1001_TSV_INT.

3. Are you a listed as a Lecturer or Site Editor for the subject in LearnJCU? - you must have one of these roles in LearnJCU to link to sections or to save links to Readings

If you are still having trouble contact your Liaison Librarian.