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If you have a chapter of an edited book, the same rules apply for the names of the editors that apply for the names of the authors - you include the first six and the last one.

Smith, J. (2019). Fake examples are usually fake. In J. Lennon, P. McCartney, R. Starr, G. Harrison, B, Epstein, P. Best, ... S. Sutcliffe (Eds.), What fake examples are good for (pp. 131-145). Melbourne, Australia: Wink Wink.

Note that the format of the editors' names is different to the the format for authors' names. You only invert names at the beginning of a reference (that is, but the surname before an initial).

If you have an edited book in which you are referring to the whole book, but using the editors as the "authors" (the people responsible for the information), then you format it exactly like you would for a normal book with more than six authors, but include the (Eds.) after the editors names (as per the instructions on this page).

Lennon, J., McCartney, P., Starr, R., Harrison, G., Epstein, B., Best, P., ... Sutcliffe, S. (Eds.). (2019). What fake examples are good for. Melbourne, Australia: Wink Wink.

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