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If you have logged in to your only account and no loans are showing, please contact library staff. If you are a currently employed JCU staff member also enrolled as a student, you will have two separate accounts generated by the University. When using the JCU username and password to login, the system defaults to the student account.

If you used your Staff ID card to borrow, items will be on your staff account. You will need to log in to your Library Account using your staff barcode (employee number) and PIN. If you have not set up a PIN, please see library staff to add one or contact Library Help for assistance

If you cease employment but are still enrolled as a student, you will need to use your student ID card and default login.

If you are no longer enrolled as a student, but remain employed as staff, use your staff ID card and default login.

NB: If your employment or enrolment status changes, this will have an impact on your library account and your ability to receive communications from the library - please ensure you contact the library when your status changes, and remember that you are still responsible for monitoring your loans and ensuring they have been returned.