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Very often, yes, although there are various conditions that might restrict what you can copy and how.  The JCU Special Collections operate a copyright compliant environment, which obliges you as a researcher to acquaint yourself with Australian Copyright Council regulations that might pertain to items you wish to copy. Special Collections staff can inform you of where to find information about copyright.

Occasionally a Special Collections item might be subject to special conditions or permissions that must be adhered to prior to granting consent to copy. Special Collections staff will be aware of these conditions and can advise on procedures for individual cases. Researchers should be aware that requests for permission to copy might take some time to reach completion.

For some very old or fragile items, Special Collections staff may advise that some forms of copying are not possible.

Please speak to Special Collections staff if you wish to make any form of copy, whether by non-flash photography, scan, or other means.

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