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Uploading scans to reading lists can only be done by library staff. So you will need to 'Request a digitisation'. 

The first step is to add the item to your reading list. Follow the Bookmarking instructions to do this, you may need to create a bookmark manually.

Once the item is added to you list, find it in the Edit view.

 Next to the item you will see the option to Request Digitisation (this is next to Edit notes and importance)

Click on Request digitisation. You will be taken to a pop-up.

The first page will be pre-filled with the request information. Make sure this data is correct, the more detailed and accurate the quicker we can check copyright conditions and provide a scan. You can also upload a scan here if you have one, library staff will assess the quality of the scan before loading to Readings. 

The second page requires you to add the Needed by date, this is important information so we can make sure your scan is ready on time. The needed by date should be at least 1 week before it is actually required. 

(Keep in mind that if we need to recall, or source the item from another library it will take longer to upload the scan).

Submit the request by selecting next. The system will do the initial copyright checks and your request will either be accepted (we will arrange to upload the scan), referred (library staff need to manually check the request for copyright compliance), or rejected (item does not comply with copyright regulations).

If you think a rejection is a mistake you can continue with the request and library staff will manually check for copyright compliance. you may be required to add a note as to why the request is valid. If unsure enter "Please check".

You will receive an email (check junk and spam mail) advising you when the scan has been uploaded successfully. 


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