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These instructions are for adding, changing or removing a hierarchy links once a list has already been created. If you can not see your subject in the hierarchy please get in touch with your liaison librarian.

  1. Go to the list you want to link, via
  2. Select , this will take you to a different (older) list view. 
  3. Select the Edit dropdown then Hierarchy & Students. 

      4. A pop-up box will appear, if you have already linked to a subject it will appear here


5. To remove an incorrect link select the red button with the minus  symbol

6. To add additional links  type the code into the search bar and click on the subject you want to add. 


Note: You can link one list to as many subjects in the hierarchy as you need.

Please do not edit the student numbers, this is done by another process. 

Make sure you select save once you have added all the necessary subjects. 







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