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Unfortunately EndNote has no control over the punctuation you typed yourself into Word.

You can use the Find and replace function in Word to cut down on some of the workload, but due to the way the EndNote formatting is treated in Word, you'll need to convert your document to unformatted citations first. If you aren't sure how to do that, watch this video (you really only need to watch from about the 0.50 mark): The video is for EndNote X7, but it's the same for X8.

After you've converted to unformatted citations, you'll find all of your in-text citations now appear as EndNote's code format, and in {braces/curly brackets}. E.g. {Smith, 2013 #334}.

You can then use Word's Find and Replace function to search for every instance where a full stop occurs before an open brace ".{" and replace it with a space and a brace " {"

You can then find all instances of a close brace "}" and replace all with a brace followed by a full stop "}." We don't recommend using "Replace all" for this part of the process, however, as you'll need to check each citation to make sure it is at the end of the sentence.

This will, of course, need to be repeated with any other punctuation marks (commas, etc).

Then, as long as you've made sure you haven't lost any braces, or interfered with anything between them, you should be able to hit Update Citations and Bibliography, and your citations will come back in your chosen format.