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There are two types of law reports: authorised and unauthorised.

Authorised reports are edited and checked by the judge before publication. Australian authorised reports include:

  • Commonwealth Law Reports (CLR)
  • Federal Court Reports (FCR)
  • New South Wales Law Reports (NSWLR)
  • New South Wales Reports (NSWR)
  • New South Wales State Reports (SR (NSW))
  • Queensland Reports (Qd R)
  • Queensland State Reports (QSR)
  • Northern Territory Law Reports (NTLR)
  • Northern Territory Reports (NTR)
  • Australian Capital Territory Law Reports (ACTLR)
  • Australian Capital Territory Reports (ACTR)
  • South Australian State Reports (SASR)
  • South Australian Law Reports (SALR)
  • Tasmanian Reports (Tas R)
  • Tasmanian Law Reports (Tas LR)
  • Tasmanian State Reports (Tas SR)
  • Victorian Reports (VR)
  • Victorian Law Reports (VLR)
  • Western Australian Reports (WAR)
  • Western Australian Law Reports (WALR)

Always use the authorised report of a case if available.

Unauthorised series of law reports tend to be published more quickly.  Commonly used unauthorised Australian report series include: ALR, ALJR, FLR, Fam LR.