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Treat every entry in Vetstream Vetlexicon like an entry in an electronic encyclopedia.

For example:

Senior, M. (2014). Pethidine [drug product summary]. In Vetstream Vetlexicon Equis. Retrieved from

You will need to treat the four sections of Vetlexicon (Felis, Canis, Lupis and Equis) as though they were four different books, but the basic pattern for each will be the same.

See this blog post for more details:

Comments (2)

  1. Thank you for this example. Checked the entry for this drug. Do not see a date on it. Where did the 2014 in the example come from please?
    by Ann V. on 30 Jan, 2019
  2. Hello, Ann. In previous versions of the Veststream site, they included a "last updated" date on their entries. In the future they may do this again. When you have a last updated date for individual entries, you use that for the date of publication in your citation. If you don't have a last updated date, you use the "publication date" (often the copyright date) of the site as a whole (unless you feel there is good evidence that the article is definitely older, in which case you might use n.d. for "no date"). If you were citing this article today, you would use 2019 as your date.
    by Sharon Bryan on 06 Feb, 2019