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What you're describing (with the {curly brackets} and no reference list) is what Word shows you when it stops formatting the EndNote codes in your Word Document.

This is usually easily fixed by finding the Update Citations and Bibliography button in your EndNote toolbar in Word.  As long as you haven't changed anything in the curly brackets, your Word Document and EndNote library should be able to work it out between themselves and put everything back where it belongs.

If you have changed anything inside the curly brackets, however, you may find the EndNote can't recognise the citation to fix it.  It should just ask you to search for the correct citation to replace the one you have altered, but you may end up having to delete your altered citation and put the correct one back in.

You can (and should) turn off the formatting on purpose to copy and paste text from one document to another or move around paragraphs in a document (Word does not like moving formatted codes), but sometimes a Word document will simply forget to format the codes.  If it has done this once, it is likely to do it again, but as long as you never interfere with the text inside the curly brackets (unless you know what you're doing), you can usually fix it by hitting the Update Citations and Bibliography button.

Screenshot showing the location of the Update Citations button on World (PC)

If this does not work, and you are on a Mac, you may need to read this FAQ:

Q. Why are my EndNote references in my Word document all appearing as {Author, year, #citation number} on a Mac?

If you have tried these methods and it hasn't worked, please contact us.

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  1. Excellent suggestion. Thanks
    by Hanny on 27 Feb, 2018.
  2. Perfect suggestion. Thank you so much!
    by Rogers on 10 May, 2018.
  3. Excellent...was breaking my head ..thanks
    by ricas on 20 Jun, 2018.
  4. brief and useful
    by Mahtab Jahantab on 29 Jan, 2019.
  5. Not useful whatsoever! DOES NOT WORK
    by Alina on 28 Jun, 2019.
  6. Hi, Alina. You may be experiencing problems with your security and privacy settings (especially if you are on a Mac). Try these instructions:
    by Sharon Bryan on 28 Jun, 2019.

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