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This is caused by the publisher's web site preventing content from being displayed within Find It's 'Helper Frame' (that navigation bar on the right hand side of your screen).

At the bottom of the Helper Frame there is an Open content in a new tab link. Click it and it will open the item in a new tab without the helper frame (bypassing the problem)..

For platforms that we know have this problem we also display the 'Open content in new tab' link where you would expect the article to display, just to make it more obvious how to view the content.

Causes & Solutions

There are two reasons for this behaviour - and their is nothing you can personally do apart from using the 'Open content in new tab' option:

Cause: The platform has specifically coded their site to prevent the helper frame from being able display their content
Solution: The vendor for Find It contacts these platforms and requests that Find It be 'white listed' so that it is permitted to display content within its iframe. Ultimately it's the platform's decision.

Cause: The browser is 'mixed content blocking'

Solution: Eventually all trusted platforms will use HTTPS. Currently we are in a transitional phase. Soon  HTTPS-using platforms will outnumber HTTP-using platforms, at which point we will 'force HTTPS' on Find It @ JCU Library and then only HTTP platforms will present this error and their numbers will continue to drop until there is no issue.


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